teen wolf ft. stiles’ underwear cameo

My generation got a cheap college education when we were young, and we’re getting good retirement benefits now that we’re old. Pretty nice. But now we’re turning around and telling today’s twentysomethings that they should pay through the nose for college, keep paying taxes for our retirements, and oh by the way, when it comes time for you to retire your benefits are going to have to be cut. So sorry.


I’m gonna get some sleep, and catch up on some shows that I missed, and I’ll try writing a little tonight after the new episode of teen wolf.

oh hi, wow you’re really pretty. omg, I ship you with Isaac Lahey 


I’m sorry for so many irrelevant text post, but I probably won’t be back on this account until July 9th. Which is like 2 weeks away from now, I know, but I promise that I’m working on everyone’s request, and I’ll probably just post them all at once when I get back. I’ve just been pretty stressed, and I’m heading out of town Saturday, and won’t be back until Sunday-Monday July 7-8th. 


3.04 “Unleashed”: Up Close & Personal

Oh and another side note, I’ve got a lot of personal imagines to write, and I’m going to write those in third/second person, as it’s much easier for me to be descriptive, and I excel at it a lot better than first person. If you do want me to write you a personal imagine/one shot (most of the things I write are considered one shots) please send me in your name, and preferably, an appearance description, so I don’t have to be vague! x 

Note: It does take me some time to get these done, as I have more request for personal things, than preferences, so bare with me. Once I’ve finished your one shots/imagines, I normally save your blogs, and I’ll tag them, or I’ll send you an ask with a link. x 

✎ Anonymous: Oh, I just sent you an imagine request but could you also ship me? My names Alex, I have pale skin, dandy blonde hair that's a little longer than shoulder length, I'm 5'9", and I have grey-blue eyes with gold in the center. I get angry very easily so people usually watch themselves around me. I love Disney fairytales (none of that Disney channel tv crap!), I especially love Peter Pan!

lolol, I get a really strong urge to ship you with Stiles :) x 


(i have no idea who to credit the gif to)