Teen Wolf Preference #3 - You're Sick

Scott: Immediately after he'd got off from the vets, he headed over to your place, with your favorite films, and ingredients to make chicken noodle soup. Despite having a fever, you made your way out of bed, worried that Scott would probably burn your kitchen down, though he had refused your assistance. After dinner, he wrapped you up in blankets, as you two cuddled on the couch, watching *Mean Girls*
Stiles: He'd always made a big deal when he was sick. You thought it was time to give him as much a time, he gave you. Even though you only had a slight head cold, you had him grab you medicine, and tissues, and watch soppy romance films with you. It was a laugh, having Stiles take care of you, but to be fair, it seemed like he was enjoying being needed.
Derek: He forced you to stay in bed, and tended to all your needs. He even scolded Isaac, whenever he'd try to come check on you. His main goal, is to get you back to 100%, so he makes sure you take your medication ever 8 hours, and lets you get plenty of sleep. It's almost as if he was a bit over protective.
Isaac: He was always the best at taking care of you. He beats your parents at it, as you got sick pretty often, he's gotten some practice. He wasn't even bothered with kissing you;for all Isaac cared, he'd get sick if it meant that you got better. You preferred to stay wrapped up in his arms, rather than in blankets, as his body heat satisfied you more than the sheets. He'd even run to the pharmacy at midnight, if you were desperate for a certain type of medication. He wanted to take care of you, and he did whatever he could to make you have a fast recovery.
Jackson: As much as Jackson loves you, he hated getting sick himself, as that meant he wouldn't be able to go to practices and maintain is 'cool kid' status at school. But no doubt, he tended to your needs. After school, he'd hurry to your house with some of his mom's soup, and make you tea. He'd try to keep your spirits up, by cracking jokes, and even cuddling.
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